Transfer Student With Data

Is there a way to transfer a student from a class into a newly created class and preserve the data?
For example: Take 30 students, and their data, from one class and split them into two newly created class of 15 students.

Hi @Don_Carroll, thanks for posting in the forum. When you say preserve their data I assume you mean answers to assignments posted to that class? There currently is no way to move that data into a new class.

Following up on this question…Is there a way to clone a class (that assigns all of the goformatives to the new cloned class as well)?

I prefer to keep my Class codes from year to year (and usually remove the students)…but I need to save some of the evidence for National Board.

So, I want to save all of the data but not have to reassign every goformative (since I use this for everything!)


Hi @tthomson, there isn’t a way to clone a class and create new assignments based off of the old class. How many formatives do you need to reassign in this scenario?

I probably have about 30 per class. So 150 to reassign overall and different settings for each.