Translating Formatives to foreign languages

Hi guys

I teach in Switzerland, so I always have to adapt shared formatives into german.

I currently use the free online-translator DEEPL , which is a great tool, even better that Google Translate. Still, for every Formative I translate I need to do a lot of copy-pasting…

Do you have a better workaround? :slight_smile:



A great question, @gabor.kertesz !

I know my colleagues in Cape Town use Google translate when teaching Afrikaans but DEEPL doesn’t recognise it, unfortunately. I will mention this to the French teachers at school though! Many thanks for sharing it!

What would be great is if Formative had its own ‘language selection’ option which works in a similar way to the aforementioned translation platforms.

@david, can you record this suggestion as a possible development with the Formative designers?


@gabor.kertesz thanks for sharing that awesome tool! @apeters I definitely see the benefit of having a language selection option and have recorded that you both would like this!


I am new to Formative. Could someone please tell me a bit more how you will use the translation language as a formative?



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Record that I would like this option as well. Of course, you may want to make it a toggle on/off so that the foreign languages classes don’t try to ‘cheat’. :slight_smile:

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You got it! And that’s a great consideration as well!

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