Treasure & Hall of Fame Formative

Use the “Treasure & Hall of Fame” Formative to support your students in collecting their learning treasures, week by week:

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A nice idea, @michael.lutz !

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I like this idea of collecting learning reflections within a single formative (as opposed to many) since you can easily compare the responses on the View Responses page over time and discuss them as a class. Nice work @michael.lutz!

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This is awesome @michael.lutz! Reflection is one aspect of education that is oftentimes overlooked because of timelines. I love the idea of compiling all of the student feedback in one central formative! You are a formative genius Michael! Thanks for tagging me…and for sharing! You know I copied your formative and placed it straight in my “Michael’s Formatives” folder :smile:

Thanks again Michael!



I love this! My students complete daily reflections, but they aren’t easily accessible in the Google Doc I use now. But this type of Formative is easy to keep up with! I can give quick feedback! I will definitely be using this! Thank you!


I really like this idea. My question is. Do they open this each week and write or all at one time. Sorry if the answer should be evident. It takes me longer that the average bear sometimes.

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I let my students write at the same time during 5-10 minutes a week or for about 2 minutes at the end of a day.

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Love this formative @michael.lutz! I will use your “Treasure & Hall of Fame” idea to create a formative that will allow my students to answer and reflect on their Essential Questions for each standard.