Triangle Similarity Formative Share

I created a formative about triangle similarity with an embedded google slide and padlet. I was hoping you could provide me some feedback on it. Also, I was having problems with the text blocks jumping around. Anyone else have that problem?

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the Community TaMara! This formative is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!! I love your use of the Google Slide activity as a pair/partner activity. I also enjoy the Padlet activity you embedded too. I gave you a shout out on Facebook for this post, so be sure to check it out/like/share your post…and please continue to post away :smile:

Thanks again TaMara!!



Wow, I love your formative Tamara and it’s awesome to see that you are able to integrate Formative throughout your entire lesson. If you want to provide your students with more space to draw for the bell ringer, you could consider uploading the image of the problems using the “Enhance a Doc” option and then add Show Your Work questions for each of them. I’m sorry to hear about the text blocks jumping around and am following up with you over private messaging to troubleshoot!