Turn off anti-cheating thing

I teach geometry and calculus and because of the limited features in math type I encourage my students to copy/paste from other programs that have better math type. I have found the copy/paste cheating thing marking kids work wrong when it is the exact same answer as another students and there’s is not marked wrong. I give my kids a lot of the final answers so I don’t actually want it to detect copy paste and I hand write a lot of my own problems that are scenario based that you can’t really mathway your way through. Again, I give them a lot of the answers. Their main grade is in work shown and tests. Is there a way to turn this feature off (can’t find it if there is one), and if not, is this something that can be added to possible changes in the future? I wouldn’t mind it so much if answers weren’t being shown as wrong. If it isn’t that marking them wrong then I’m not sure what is. Thank you


I have the same problem in my science classes. I usually add a note to each question like this that says (Will Not Auto Grade). I then do a couple of examples for the class to show them what I see on my dashboard and then show them how I manually grade anything that I see as marked as incorrect. This usually takes a few assignments but they usually get the hang of it. I also just started to have the kids make a poster in my class where it shows them the LaTeX version for things too. It also helped with my teacher evaluation because the students are making it and it’s cross-curricular.

Is there a way to have the anti-cheat tool differentiate between what is being copied/pasted from the questions/notes/etc. versus a google search (plagiarism)?


Not that I know of. Personally, I would love the ability to turn it off or on a particular assignment or even individual questions. If you are using it for notes (like I do) there are times they would need to copy/paste.

The ant-cheating actually doesn’t have any affect on the grading. It just displays a warning for the teacher. If the answers are visually the same but are graded differently, it’s likely there is extra white space in the answer, or line breaks, etc.

Not at the moment. Any content that gets pasted into the input will trigger the warning.