Turning Off % On Homepage?

For the most part, GoFormative is what I’ve been looking for for YEARS, I absolutely love it!

However, one issue that came up the other day with a student is that on their homepage, apparently whether I set it for students to see scores or leave all options at Decide Later, students can see the percentage correct next to the Open button if they have started but not submitted the test. So I had a student (who I caught but promptly told other students after class) that logged out, logged back in…and realized that she could very quickly just try an answer, back out and in, and see if it was correct. While I’m not concerned for numeric response so much, this is an easy way for students to cheat on any multiple choice questions…and students can be VERY fast to avoid teacher detection!

Is there any options to turn this off that I’m just not seeing, or is this a possible future feature that can be implemented?


We are glad to hear that you are loving Formative, Owen! I definitely can see how that’d be an issue! We are actually working on improving this right now! Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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I’d love to see that fixed too :grinning:

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