Un-assign or close?

Good Morning Formative Community!! I have a really quick question. I have closed several of my formatives, but I realized that students can still see questions/answers when the formative is closed. I don’t want my students to be able to be able to view the assignment on their end any longer. What will happen to student results if I un-assign formatives, will I still have access to scores in my Tracker for those "un-assigned formatives? Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


I am not sure about this in the tracker as I haven’t had a class since the tracker came out (I teach teachers now at 9 schools). But I imagine that un-assigning it will simply take it off their list of formatives to take but keep it on the tracker. Interesting in knowing this answer as well!


@Smkendal…Thanks so much for your message! I un-assigned one of my formatives and the results for that formative are not showing in my Tracker. Just wanted to make sure and let you know. It looks like when I un-assign, students can’t see the formative anymore, but I can’t see results either.


Interesting. Definitely good to know. Thank you for that!

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No problem @Smkendal :slight_smile:

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@ntstewart0713 @skendall08 the data for a formative shouldn’t disappear from the tracker if you un-assign a formative. We just tested this and it appears to be working smoothly :grinning: That being said, please let me know if you are having any issues with this!

Conversely, the responses for a class do become invisible on both the teacher and student end if you un-assign the formative. Is that perhaps what you are referring to? :grinning: This is something we definitely plan on fixing!