Unable to input images by URL

Whenever I add images, the URL link does NOT add them in. It only adds them if I upload. This is frustrating because I’d like to do a lesson where students add pictures of foods containing carbohydrates from kidzsearch.com but MOST images do not upload. Some do. However, it is frustrating for the student to try to find ones that will upload.

I almost always use add “text” instead of add image. When using “add text” you can copy/paste an image rather than rely on an image URL or upload. So for example, if you right click “copy” an image, and use paste or CTRL+V, it will drop the image into the text box and you can re-size it from there.

If you want students to place images in their answer, they can also copy/paste images when responding to a short answer and/or essay question type.

Overall, I think its very possible that you can accomplish your objective without using image URLs or uploads at all.

Let me know if this solution works.

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This seemed like a good idea, so I tried it.
It works in a text block from the teacher side.
It works in an essay question on the student side.
On the student side, I had no success with “short answer” or “show your work”.

Thanks for the suggestions. I have been having struggles teaching students how to add pictures of their work. This is much easier.

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Very helpful tips. I was frustrated by this as well. Hopefully Go Formative developers will update the insert images by URL to work as one would expect. Intuition brings the user to insert image, not to Ctrl-V in an Essay question type.