Unassign a formative

So I created a formative but no longer want my students to have access to it - had some problems with the wording so cloned it and changed some questions. I assigned them the new one and want to unassign it from the classes. I thought I could do this before but cannot figure it out (could be I am just missing something obvious).

I really like the new open/closed switch but still occasionally want to unassign a formative.

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Hi @Dawn_Frier1,

You have to set it back to:

and click “update” (in addition I also close it). The Formative then disappears from the students’ dashboard.

Best wishes

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@michael.lutz thanks so much for jumping in here to help. Michael is right, you can change your settings to not return scores and then close the formative. If scores aren’t set to be returned, students won’t see it in their accounts, but the data will show in yours.

You can also unassign/re-assign to the class by clicking the trashcan on the assign page. If you unassign, their responses will be removed from your View Response page until you re-assign to that class. Once you re-assign, their data will repopulate on your end. :slight_smile:

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