Unassigned Formatives and student ability to view

When a Formative is live, students are able to go back in and change their answers, correct? When you unassign a Formative, do you (the teacher) still see the answers? Do the students still see their responses? I have always been afraid to unassign something so as to not loos the information/score. Is there any way to make a formative no longer live, but have the students answers remain visible to them?

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@enapolitano I believe that if you close it, they don’t lose access to it. They can’t submit or change anything when it is closed.
@david Please correct me if I’m wrong!

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@enapolitano Great questions! Below, I’ve written a short breakdown of how those key components of the assign panel work. You can find our formal how-to articles here.

By default, after students submit a formative, they can go back in, but cannot edit their responses. However, if you turn on the “Enable Edits After Final Submission” toggle on the assign panel, they will be able to go back in ad edit their responses. You can return to the assign panel to toggle this on or off at any point and as many times as you’d like.

As @jillian.kostuchrzepk mentioned, you can close a formative at any point and that makes it so that they can still go back in and see it, but can no longer respond.

Lastly, when you un-assign a formative, it makes it so that the formative is no longer visible on the student end and no longer appears under the Class Tab on your View Responses page. Their responses will still however appear under the All Tab. You can always re-assign the formative to have the responses appear under the Class tab.

You will not lose the student responses by doing un-assigning the formative or by making any changes to the assign settings :slight_smile:

As mentioned above, the default is that when your students submit a formative, they can go back and view it but no longer edit their responses. If you change things so that they are able to edit their responses again, you can always “close” it’ll have the same affect! I hope this helps!

Great! Thank you so much! This ends the confusion for me.