Unlocking Achieve the Core's Potential with GoFormative

Hello. I will be doing my next Virtual Learning Session highlighting the resource Achieve the Core with GoFormative. I’m excited to share this resource and how it can be used for ELA and Social Studies teachers. However, if you are Math or Science, you may want to join in to see what I use it for in English since they have a wealth of resources for math as well.

The session will be this Wednesday (11/22/17) at 12 Noon. Hope you can attend! Let me know if you have questions afterward. Have a great day.

Update: Watch the full webinar below!



Thanks a lot for the webinar, Lisa. You really are enthusiastic!

„Shannon Sharpe’s Hall of Fame Speech“: Good idea, to put the questions where the answers are!
„Nelson Mandela’s Speech“: I liked the idea that you can work for more than one day in a formative.

Please tell me more about the qr-code and the tool behind it.


I use the QR code so that people can scan it quickly and I also have it posted on my door at school. It is attached to Flipgrid. Flipgrid allows someone to record their voice and image (if they choose) and ask or answer questions. When you have a Flipgrid account, one can make grids and have topics on those grids to have students respond to a prompt. It really helps with student voice and speaking and listening skills. Flipgrid can be embedded into a GoFormative which is a bonus as well. Here is some information concerning Flipgrid:Flipgrid Basics


@Lisa_Scumpieru thank you for the new resource! I really like Achieve the Core!


You’re welcome. I hope you and others can find it useful for students. Have a great Thanksgiving!