Updated Breakout


I updated the Integers Breakout…

The Digital Breakout Integers Sequence of Events document is the walk-through.

I modified it a little from last year. Still think it is fun.
Reward is gingerbread cookie for reporting gang (who are in the shape of gingerbread cookies and hiding in our cafeteria - nice part of using GoFormative for these last clues is that I can easily change the location of the gang depending on what facilities are available to hide them. )


@Dawn_Frier1 Thanks for sharing this! I like how you provided links for each step of your walkthrough! Is it possible to make the Google Forms you included accessible for anyone to view? Currently it seems like it’s limited to users in your organization/school.

@Math_Educators ! If you haven’t heard of Breakouts, they are a fun way to get students engage with academic content. The basic premise is that you create a story or theme and have students engage in a variety of learning activities to ultimately arrive at the conclusion. Along the way, students must unlock the next activity based on their progress and clues that they find. It’s a great way to get students engaged and moving around the classroom. It can also be a great way to create a real-world context for learning. In addition to checking out her resources above, I also recommend you check out her virtual learning session where she walks us through one:

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The whole folder is shared to all who have the link. Perhaps copy to own drive first.

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Good suggestion, it worked! That worked! For any other @Math_Educators who want to check out @Dawn_Frier1 's Google forms, you can make a copy of an item in order to view it:

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If you want to make your own iMessage or receipts, you can find the tools here"


Or select the folder and download it: