upLoad PowerPoints and Google slides in GoFormative

While playing around with GoFormative a couple weeks ago, I tried uploading powerpoint slides…and it worked! This has been a game changer for me and my students - no need for the fruit-deck or proximity-pod programs because GoFormative can do that too!

Between slides, I insert audio, embed videos, and add sontent question checks.

I use the formative as an interactive lecture, but it also works well for independent work and is a gamechanger for students who miss class! I hesitate to show it to my admin - they may not think the need me…

Haven’t seen any notifications that uploading ppts was an option, so I thought I would share!


Are you able to add goformative question features to the slides?

Yes! Each slide loads as a single entity and you can add questions in between each slide. Or you can put a question on a slide and then click on it (which adds the response area) and turn the slide into a question. You could just click an a content slide and add a question as well. For example, when I insert a political cartoon, I often click on the figures to have student identify various elements before the analysis question.


What was your process for uploading the PowerPoint?

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I used the upload PDF button. You can only upload a limited amount of slides. If you used images in your PowerPoint, that will limit it more so I usually break my PowerPoint into 10 slides at a time.


Hadn’t thought of doing this, but what a game changer!! Thanks!

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