Upload & Transform, Gizmos

Happy Monday Formative Community!! I am so excited to announce our next Tips & Tricks session that will be taking place this Wednesday, January 17, 3:00pmPST/6:00pmEST. I am thrilled that I will be joined by co-host Kelly Barr too! We have a lot of exciting updates to share with you, along with Kelly’s Formative tricks of the trade :smile:

Don’t hesitate to message me here in the Community if you would like to be a guest in the Hangout on Air…or if you are interested in co-hosting a session with me one week!

Also, you can watch the session live or later here: Formative Tips & Tricks Pt. 4 with co-host Kelly Barr - YouTube.


Thank you for sharing tips and tricks! I’m new to Formative and have found really great ideas on the webinars and within the community!

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Thanks for sharing! I use Gizmos too and I used to cut and paste each question (From the Gizmos activity) into Formative so this is definitely a major time saver! I love that you add numbers anywhere on the uploaded document and create a task that goes along with it.

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This is AWESOME! I had no idea about this. We do interim checkpoints every so many units and for most classes we have to build are own and trying to then put them into Formative is a lot of work. Now that I can upload!!! YAY! Super excited about this feature. love all that I’m learning!

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