Uploading to Canvas

How can we upload Formative assignments in Canvas classes. Do we just share the link?
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I have not used it with Canvas classes, but how I do it in Google Classroom is assign the formative and then click the link and copy and paste the link into Google Classroom. This helps students get directly to the formative.

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Have you tried embedding a formative into Canvas?

You should be able to grab the embed code for a formative and paste it into the rich text editor in Canvas for the Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Quizzes, or Syllabus. Your students will be able to login to embedded formative and take it!


I use the link because when I tried embedding, the view was very limited.


Interesting. I am not sure if Canvas allows this but you can try to add larger dimensions within the embed code. You can just take the embed code that formative provides and add what I’ve put in bold below. If it’s not larger enough, you can increase the values for the width and height.

< iframe src=“https://goformative.com/formatives/s69Hn2FDJTu7x5eui/width=“70%” height=“700px” frameborder=“0”>

*Note: I had to put a space before the opening tag (less than symbol) and “iframe” since it wouldn’t let me show it above otherwise. You can simply get rid of that space


Thank you, David! I’m playing around with the settings and it’s going great!

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Canvas is a great learning platform? Do you teach there?

How do you get the embed code for a Formative assignment?

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@Kehly_Kirk After you assign a formative, you will see an option to embed it. You can click on that and grab the embed code that appears!

We have Canvas and I am trying to figure out the best way for students to access the formative. To clarify, if I just post the link, clicking on the link will open a new window for the student. On the other hand, if I embed on a Canvas Pages, for example, the student can just work within Canvas… But either method will always require for students to log in with Formative.

Just typing out my response above, it just seems easier to just send them the link so I do not have to play around with the iframe generator! I think I answered my own question… :slight_smile:


It’s true that if you are giving students a formative that you’ve assigned to their class, they’ll need to login to Formative to take it. The main difference is that if you embed the formative within Canvas, they won’t need to login in a separate window. They’ll be able to login within the embedded i-frame. While that’s potentially a plus for embedding, I could also see opening a Formative in a new window being a plus because then students could change the size of the window to match their preferences (whereas the i-frame dimensions are set by you).


Since both reqire that students log in, I tend to use the link more often than the embed. While it is true that you can change the dimensions as mentioned by @david

it is still a frame, so your dimensions are constrained by the frame inside wherever you are embedding (i.e. the frame cannot be bigger than the size of the “host”, lest you overlap and/or get a long sideways scroll).
The only time I use embed for the actual formative is when I have a short activity that is assigned to guest (for PD for example)


Can’t seem to find the embed code anywhere.

In order to find the embed code, you need to assign it first. If you assign to guest students you get this screen:

Hi! I have ran into an issue. Every time I try to embed my formative assignment into canvas it embeds the answers with it…any suggestions on how to fix this?