Using Formative for HyperDocs

Has anyone used (or thought about using) Formative to construct a HyperDoc?? I’m thinking Formative could be a template of sorts for the whole HyperDoc building process considering how links, videos, etc. can be embedded. Thoughts?


Yes, I have thought about his and have used a Formative over a series of days with links and steps for them to explore their learning. I think it would be great for some exploration here with a few of us thinking of how this could look with Formative. The more app smashing and add-ons Formative affords, the more this will be a reality!


I’ve done a few of these since Formative came out. The layout allows for multi-step and multi-day assignments. The difference between a hyperdoc and Formative would be layout. Hyperdocs can be made very colorful and inviting. There is interactivity with Formative and Hyperdocs with embedding and linking to external content. In both you can submit questions and have people submit answers. When I was introduced to Hyperdocs my first thought was “Ok, I do this in Formative already.” It really comes down to preference and what you want to do. Of course you can embed a Formative in a hyperdoc and vise versa. I would do the former only because I would want the interface to correct answers and see all responses at the same time and easier to correct and give instantaneous feedback.


I have incorporated Formatives via Hyperdoc style. I have used blog pages and Google sites for mine as they are often linked to a Breakout of some form. They also work really well in the discovery phase of a Hyperdoc as you can give students some self directed study or review that gets assessed by the Formative before moving on to the next topic

I like to sometimes use this to get formative data, then when I am happy with their proficiency, give them a “code” and using a Google Form with validation they can move on.

I wonder if there is a way to have Formatives autorespond… don’t think so, but it would be nice to have. :wink: @david



Is this the same as a Choice Board? Has anyone tried adding a Choice Board to Formative?


I love your insights here. We can definitely consider adding more styling options for creating formatives over time!


I was just taking a look at the integer gang breakout! I loved seeing this and would love to see more of the breakouts you’ve created since and the different tools you’ve incorporated over time! We can definitely consider an auto-response feature. I’d love to hear more about how you’d like this to work as I can see many awesome possibilities!


I am just revising and redoing the Pythagorean Murder Mystery. I am using Formative again but slightly differently. Take a look. :slight_smile:


I love how you are implementing “Which One Doesn’t Belong”! I bet this leads to some really awesome conversations! Also, have you considered using the “Enhance a PDF/Doc” option for the image and questions 2-6?

I really like as well! I can see this being useful for many different things!


Yes! I think this is what Formative had in mind with the “playlist” tag. I’ve been using playlists since last year, which is basically a hyperdoc.

Coincidentally, I’m going to be using Formative to create a playlist/hyperdoc for a group of kids I’ll be chaperoning in Oslo next month (I’m the studio teacher for a professional children’s circus, and they’ll be performing at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert next month). I’m going to have them work through a series of Formative playlist activities to help them learn a little Norwegian, get a feel for the geography of the city, and learn the history behind the Nobel Peace Prize.


Hey David…can you post who did the Integer Break out game? I would like to see how it’s done… :slight_smile:


@ebryan This is a great idea. I had not thought about doing that, but you definitely have my wheels turning now!!!


I also make/create digital breakouts using Google Sites. I never thought about the idea of using Formative as a “breakout”. I would love to see some if you have some already done.


@drjatthehooch It was @Dawn_Frier1 ! She responded to you below! Here’s the post where she shared the formative she made for her Integer Breakout:

Here’s a post she wrote about it:


It turned out great but I agree that uploading a PDF and attaching the questions to the pictures would have made things a little easier (less scrolling up and down).
They loved it, and by giving the code (which was Greek by the way - Pythagoras was Greek… :slight_smile: ) then I could see who was getting the questions.

Here is a link to my documents if you’d like to borrow… I use forms and Google sites, as well as a real lock box.

Pythy Mystery

One slideshow is for presenting to class while the other has all the printables included (I “hide” the questions around the hall for 3-5).

They had a blast, and learned the theorem while doing it. Tomorrow we will discuss it and build a note for future reference.


I am so excited for you guys and this sounds like an AMAZING way to use Formative! Have you started yet or were you going to use it when they are in Oslo?


The kids have already started working through their playlists, even though we don’t leave until Dec. 8. I’ve been practicing some Norwegian phrases because of the playlist, too!


That’s awesome! And once again congrats to you and your students on presenting there! Do you know if their performance will be live broadcasted? We’d love to share the link!

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Thanks so much! That’s so kind of you! The concert (Monday, December 11) will be streamed via the Nobel Peace Prize Concert channel on YouTube as well as in VR via the PeaceIsLoud app.


You are SO welcome! Feel free to let me know when your students will go on and I’ll make sure to tweet out the specific time!