Using Formative for Labs?

Hi everyone! My friend told me about Formative and I am excited to start using it in my 8th grade science class. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for using it for labs where my kiddos are often moving from station to station. :thinking:

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One way would be to make Formative one of the stations, or to use it as a feedback loop when they are done - the final step to report what they learned along the way.


Thanks Dawn :slight_smile: Since the time I had posted, I’ve used Formative for the latter purpose. I really like the idea of using it as a station as well. Have you done this in the past? I’d love to hear about your experience with it!

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I have used it as a way to communicate with me about an activity as you have done. Haven’t gotten around to trying it as a stand alone station myself yet in Science but I have done that in Math - they need to get a response from me which is needed to move to the next station which is sometimes a Google Form or collaborative document. I use it as part of a series of clues in a Breakout.


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Thanks again Dawn :slight_smile: Sometimes it’s hard to gauge if my students are “getting it” during labs and I often think they would benefit from quicker feedback from me. I’m actually planning a lab on chemical and physical changes and you’ve inspired me to try to integrate Formative into it. I’ll post something about it soon!

I teach 8th grade science too! We love using Formative in our labs and simulations.

This is one of the examples that we use teaching simple machines and lab stations.

Here’s another from @JoeMarquez70


It’s great to connect with you Natalie! I love how you embedded videos in for each station and asks students to find real examples. This seems like a great way to prime them before they engaged in the actual stations.

I also didn’t realize it was possible to create tables within Formative like that. You and Joe both may them look really nice!

Do your students share devices or do they each record their responses on their own ones?

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That seemed to really help them as well, I saw a few referring back to it during the lab.

It’s pretty easy to make tables, when you insert a “Show Your Work” question, just click “Edit Background” and then you can add whatever you like! I’ve also put pictures and other items in the background and had them circle the answer or add to it somehow, just to switch it up!

I’m lucky enough for my district to be 1:1 with Chromebooks, so each student is responsible for their own. It would be easy for a lab group to share a formative, though!

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