Using Formative for pre-labs

Hey all,

I feel that a great application for formative is to gather data not only during a lesson, but before as well. A great way that I was able to incorporate this was to assign a formative as a pre-lab/bell work. Please feel free to use the code/and or modify my pre-lab questions that I have to integrate this into your next lab! Here it is: :grinning:


I really like the idea of soliciting student ideas before a lab or other activity. And I think it’s important for students to justify or support their statement. I’m not always so formal on the format of a hypothesis as long as there is some reasoning included. I’m going to use this idea…but next year! Entering exam week now.


I like your idea @stephanie.talbert! The flipped classroom concept (preparing topics at home and working in school) is a great tool in science. I’ve mentioned that in Formative Tips & Tricks Pt. 7 with co-host Michael Lutz.

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