Using Formative for synchronous online teaching

I’m wondering whether anyone uses Formative for synchronous online teaching and what software might be used alongside Formative to make that happen.

Some context: I’m a regular (not online) university professor. I use a flipped classroom design, using Formative essentially as a classroom response system; the students log in at the beginning of class and I take them (together) through a series of questions, show their responses anonymously on the screen, and we discuss them together. I give verbal feedback on their answers and ask them to discuss verbally as well.

I’m wondering whether it might be possible to translate this to online teaching if our school is shut down because of Coronovirus, or I or a significant portion of the students are asked to self-isolate. I’m imagining something like a Skype call where the students can all hear me talking, and see my screen on their own computers. They could still respond via Formative and wouldn’t necessarily have to be able to respond verbally as well. Maybe one question in the Formative could be designated as something like a chat. But I just used Skype as an example; I don’t know if it would actually work for something like this. Would love to know if someone does anything similar or has ideas!

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I think this could work really well, @gerda.kits! When the Success Managers at Formative do virtual trainings with schools, we share our screens and show responses appearing live - then we discuss them with the teachers. Similar to what you have described!

We would love to know what other ideas people have for using Formative for online teaching. We have put together a resource page for this:

If anyone has ideas or resources you think we should add, we would love to hear about it! Or if anyone is already using Formative for online teaching, let us know if you’d be up for writing a blog post about your experience! :grinning: