Using Formative for the Station Rotation Blended Learning Model

The math classes I teach are blocks so I have my middle school students for 84 minutes every day. I like to incorporate stations into my blocks so that students have the opportunity to move around the room and see three or four different rotations throughout the 84 minutes. Formative is one of my stations every time use the station rotation model! It is great because while I might be working with one station doing direct instruction, I have my MacBook with me so I can see how the students in the Formative station are doing while they work. The students are being held accountable without me working with them and the immediate feedback is something they love as well!


Hi @senger13

Awesome use of Formative, indeed! Thank you so much for sharing this! I use stations for English Masterclasses and they certainly keep the students’ adrenaline pumping and eagerness to complete everything within the rigid timeframe. They (and I) love it!

As well as observing all the students from your Mac at the same time, if you hover your cursor over a child’s score (after clicking ‘Totals’), it will display the time that each individual submitted their answers. This is very useful as you can see how quickly it was completed and determine which individuals can be stretched further as well as those who may need additional guidance.

Please share your continued thoughts and ideas particularly with regard to stations, as I’d love to hear more about how you use Formative to achieve your goals.

Many thanks again!


Oh awesome… I did not know you could hover over their score to see the time frame. Good to know so thank you!


I’m an 8th-grade middle school English teacher. I’ve never thought to use Formative for station rotations. Do you use it for vocabulary or to reduce lecture time? I’m curious to hear the best way of implementation in English stations.

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I use it for stations to create the blended learning model where the students can use technology for parts of our block but also be hands on with their math skills using paper and a pencil. My favorite part of using Formative during stations is that I can still be engaged with the students in that station because I am able to view their live responses as they work.

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