Using Formative in Middle School Math

Hey @Math_Educators ! Please join David and I today for this!!!

You can watch live or later here!


Hi Kelly, I just watched your VLS. You gave me some great ideas (different) than how I’ve been using formative in my class. Also I have never heard of gizmo—Great find! I also have a co-teacher in two of my classes. I never thought of using the colors to break up the groups. I do break up my groups based upon performance but what a quick way to go about it. Thank you for all the tips!


Well done, @kelly.barr! I especially liked how you’re checking on your students’ understanding step by step.


@kelly.barr You shared some great insight in your VLS. I really enjoyed the fact that you allowed your students to retake their quiz on Formative to ensure their mastery of the concept after the review. I had never heard of Gizmo either, so that is another great resource that I am looking into as well. Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks. :slight_smile:


Glad that you enjoyed it and were able to walk away with something good. You can find Gizmos online and some are free but we liked them so much we’ve made the purchase here.

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Glad that you were able to take something away from this that you really liked. You can find Gizmos from Explore Learning on the web. There are some Gizmos that are free and I know that you can get a free trial as well. We liked them so much here we purchased them for all math and science teachers.

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Many School Boards have licences for Gizmos so check with your Tech Lead or Math or Science person at your board office to see if you do. The local Gizmos rep should know too.

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I love your webinar. Nicely done!