Using Formative to analyze phenomena (NGSS)

The 3D model of NGSS asks science teachers to anchor "science education on phenomena that students are motivated to explain, the focus of learning shifts from learning about a topic to figuring out why or how something happens."
The idea is that the explanation of anchoring phenomena is ongoing throughout a unit of study and that student explanations become more refined as they integrate their learning.
With that in mind, l have been creating “phenomena formatives”. These phenomena formatives present a video or picture, have a space for 3 “official” responses (with a space for adding more responses) and are open to “edit after final submission”. The question is always the same “use your knowledge of science to explain what you see”.

Sharing what I have so far, for grades 5-8:

I would be interested to know if you have found other ways to use formative for analyzing phenomena.


I think these are excellent ideas. I wish I had thought of this when I taught middle school. Talk about great artifacts to show parents!

It shows the previous knowledge (pretest/misconception) and it shows the process.

One way to add to this would be to use the drawing style and ask students to draw what they think they know. “Draw what you think a cell looks like.” Then have them update the picture throughout a unit.