Using Formative to engage learners actively in a longer teaching unit

Hi everybody,

At the moment I’m preparing my first webinar. I’d like to share some thoughts about “Using Formative to engage learners actively in a longer teaching unit”.

Monday 11th December, 12pm - 12.30pm PST / 3pm - 3.30pm EST

The aims of this webinar are

  • to present ideas how you could engage learners in a longer teaching unit
  • motivate students to actively think about their learning
  • to know how to implement a 4-step procedure successfully
  • to make students’ improvement visible to themselves

I am looking forward to share my presentation and Formative with you!

Update! You can watch the full webinar below:

Update after the webinar:

You can get and clone the Formative folder:

The Google Slides from Webinar Slides: Using Formative to engage learners actively in a longer teaching unit.


This is going to be awesome! I’m honored to be joining you and can’t wait to do our dry run tomorrow :slight_smile:


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@michael.lutz 's virtual learning session starts in 1 hour! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn an innovative way to help students actively engage with and reflect on learning over the course of a learning unit! You can watch live or watch later here: Virtual Learning Session: “Using Formative To Engage Learners Actively In a Longer Teaching Unit” - YouTube

Also, if you want to share this session with others, feel free to use this poster I made:


Two advantages of putting all the worksheets from one theme into one Formative:

  1. you will get tracker based theme results because all the worksheets are in one Formative (when students will ask about their weaknesses you will be able to name the themes, e.g. calculation with negative numbers)

  2. your work colleagues will get the entire unit when cloning your Formative (with all the worksheets, embeded videos, quizzes, additional links)


Thank you for this! I am trying to do this with the math department at my school!


Thank you so much for sharing this. I would love to share this with my upper elementary teachers in my building. I am the tech coach in y building and trying to find ways to get others involved with using formative this month. Would I be able to share this with them?


Hi @susan.castigliego. Of course! When you click on the link on top: “You can get and clone the Formative folder” it creates a copy for you in your Formatives (your colleagues could do the same and they would have a copy of their own). Have a look at An amazing formative within a formative (updated version!). There I show more detailed what you can do in a Formative. That might be even more interesting for your fellow workers. :wink:


Thanks for sharing this Formative webinar! I never really thought about putting an entire unit into one Formative but I do like the idea of having everything in one place. Often times my students are asking me which Formative they should be working on first or which one they should be doing. This could definitely eliminate that problem.


This is great. I was trying to move my classroom beyond a testing format. Very interactive and interesting!


@michael.lutz . Thanks for sharing all this. I really liked how you are using the feedback to help the students to understand what they are learning. I also use different responses - written or visual - for my students as well. Thanks for all of the tips.


This is a fascinating use of Formative to use it for a whole unit and support the phases of learning cycles. I really like that you are building in metacognition throughout the learning process. So often, the reflective, self-evaluation is neglected, but this is vital to solidifying students’ motivation and connection to the material. It builds efficacy and ownership of the learning!


I wonder how this can also be replicated for professional development-- create mini courses on topics (flipped learning, blended learning, UDL, etc.) for teachers who are reluctant to use technology (I know quite a few! My district is still paper-based). Formative is such a user friendly tool!

Thank you for sharing! This webinar is one that I will rewatch often!
Thanks again!


@michael.lutz - Thank you so much for sharing. I had been contemplating linking one Formative to the ‘next’ one so kids didn’t have to back out to their homescreen to get to the ‘next’ level of work. This gives me a great format to use and inter-link my Formatives in a way that will save students time and frustration while allowing them to see their progress within a unit.

One thing I’ve done in each of my individual Formatives is to put a final question for reflection. Sometimes it’s simple: How did you feel about… Sometimes it’s more complex: Explain the steps you used to solve #N… Without putting in a correct answer, it stays grey on my end and I know which ones I’ve graded and who still needs feedback. I find this mini-reflection at the end is extremely helpful in classes where students are working on several different things at the same time.


You’re welcome! I’m always happy to share :smiley:.


I did find this very helpful… We work in thematic units in ELA as well as outside reading. I can see where this would work for that as well.


I love the organization of your unit. It keeps the kids engaged, but also in the same place. Sometimes I’m guilty of using too many ways to have kids to interact with the materials, but this helps you see where kids were-are-and where they are going. Thanks for the ideas!