Using Formative to scaffold a formal paper?

Hey Ant - at this point no, but will be diving into developing interdisciplinary units some time this year. Will hit you up here or on Twitter when I do!


Hi @kallgood

Fantastic! Look forward to it!


@Lisa_Scumpieru, that’s amazing! Thank you so much. I can see how I might squeeze all the stuff in my oh-my-goodness-this-is painfully-too-long Step 4 into a much more manageable package. I copied your template and am going to play with it. Thanks.

No, I have never made a hyperdoc, although I know what they are in theory. I’m planning to watch your learning session with @msashlylcot this week to discover more. My school does not use google classroom, alas; we are a Microsoft fiefdom. I’ll see what I can make work in Microsoft OneDrive and OneNote. Our OneNote class notebook certainly lends itself to hyperdocs, but I haven’t shown my students how to play with those features of it yet. Perhaps we need to schedule a tech lesson as part of our paper writing. Hmmm.

Thanks for the guidance, as always!


Even though you do not have Google Classroom, you surely can use hyperdocs. How many students are you teaching? Is it okay for you to send it out another way and have them make a copy? I can help you add to the hyperdoc and walk you through anything. Have a great day.



I have 87 students. 23 have processing/attention/memory disorders of one kind or another, and an additional 10 are considered at risk for not making it through high school. Several of them are also extremely hesitant and anxious about using technology for school work, though they love multimedia (and their phones). Getting them comfortable with Formative was huge. Hyperdocs sound like the next logical step to take. I could certainly create and distribute one. Thank you for the offer of help!

I think that I’ll wait to experiment with hyperdocs until after your learning session this week. I want to make sure I know what I am doing before I throw a new tech procedure at the kids, even something as simple as “make a copy of this google doc.” For now, it’s probably better just to revise, shorten, chunk, and enliven the Formatives I am making.

I’m off to revise. I’ll post again when I have something that sort of works.

Have a lovely day, and thanks!



I really like “How Do I Analyze My Ad Checklist” you created @clairesedoyle ! I think this is a great way to scaffold the project. Have you considered uploading this to Formative using the “Enhance a PDF/Doc” option? @dentlerp showed me how she did something similar the other day and it seemed like a great way to pin point specific parts that students needed help with. She’s actually going to be leading a virtual learning session next Monday (January 29th) on different strategies for using Formative to teach languages and I think you might find that interesting as it provides more examples of scaffolding.


Hi Claire!

I have just recently been creating step-by-step activities to practice building a spoken response in target language. I have a PDF doc that I uploaded with all the essential communicative pieces that should be included in their responses. I uploaded that PDF into Formative and marked a ‘question’ next to a number of phrases that I want them to use for that particular assignment. The student will then (in the short answer space) create a phrase in target language utilizing each marked phrase as it relates to the photo shown. The photos that they are responding to will change every week (in order to prepare for our course end exams) so, every time I change the photo, I choose to mark different phrases on the PDF for them to use. However, it’ll be the same PDF used over and over with alllllll those phrases I need them to learn, so the more they see it…hopefully, the more they’ll sink in. Then…the students will practice and record all of the phrases they created to submit as an oral response. I don’t have the premium account capabilities just yet of students submitting an audio response, but I have an easy workaround that they use.

I love that this activity really breaks down each step of a rather intimidating process for my students…and because it’s all housed in Formative…I can also provide them meaningful feedback for EACH STEP of this process, easily see and respond to specific troubles and help them every step of the way.

Also, once set-up, the ease of cloning and re-vamping an activity like this each week is such a blessing. Here’s the clone code if you’d like to check it out: BFHWN

I’d love to brainstorm ideas and help set something up for your students…I have a HUGE appreciation for intervention specialists at the high school level especially! Bless you and your passion for getting all students to the finish line!

Hope to chat soon!!



I’d love to check out ‘How Do I Analyze My Ad Checklist’…
Code? Link? :slight_smile:


@dentlerp Here’s the direct link from Claire’s Advertisement Analysis Folder:


Very cool! Will check it out. THANKS!


Hello, @Lisa_Scumpieru, @dentlerp, @david, and all you wonderful people!

Here are my revised Formatives for scaffolding this ad paper. Steps 1&2 are the same; I chunked and simplified everything else. I still need to make some literary device Formatives and a conclusion writing Formative, but this is an improvement (I think). Thoughts?

Ad Paper: Steps 1&2 (Background Information)
Ad Paper: Step 3 (Choose Devices and Write Your Thesis)
Ad Paper: Step 4 (Write Your Introduction)
Ad Paper: Step 5, Part I (Analyze imagery)
Ad Paper: Step 5, Part II (Analyze Tone & Mood)
Ad Paper: Step 5, Part III (Analyze Irony)

Thank you all for the help!



Hi, Pam!

Thank you for writing! You are doing exactly the kind of multi-step scaffolding for intimidating tasks that I am trying to figure out. I can’t get the clone code to work for some reason, but your phase activity sounds fantastic. Will you send me the link again, please?

This paragraph simply makes me happy. I agree.

I would be thrilled to work with you and learn from you. What shall we do together?

By the way, I am not technically an intervention specialist…just an English teacher who likes working with Special Education and at-risk kids. I agree that intervention specialists are the salt of the earth, though. Someday, I may have the honor of becoming one.

yours full of enthusiasm,


Yikes! So sorry that the code didn’t work! Try this:

& Let’s be honest…we are ALL intervention specialists! :slight_smile:

I’m open to anything! Woo!

Sooooo pumped at your enthusiasm!!! :raised_hands:


Wow, Pam, that is such a cool Formative! Thanks!

I see what you mean about it being easy to update, too. I bet I could do something similar for vocabulary practice…

What fun!


This is such an amazing post @clairesedoyle…it is really everything our community is all about. All of the collaboration and amazing sharing amongst educators!!! I love it. I gave you and this thread a shout out on Facebook today too :smile: Thank you all for making our days brighter here at Formative :sunny:



Hi, @Lisa_Scumpieru, @dentlerp, @david, and @nicole,

Here’s the link to all my finished and revised paper-writing Formatives. Thanks to all of you for the help!

Ad Paper

Now we’ll see how the kids react…



When I click this link it makes an empty folder called Ad Paper. Does anyone else have any problems with the link? This sounds like a great resource!

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Yes, the link is taking me to an empty folder as well! @clairesedoyle , do you know why the link might leading there? I remember before I was able to view your Ad Paper resources :slight_smile:

Hi, @david and @sbird! I can’t get the folder sharing links to work either. Is that a bug? Here are the Formatives. Will you let me know if you can clone them, Sean?

Steps 1 & 2 (Background Information)
Step 3 (Write your thesis)
Step 4 (Write your introduction)

Step 5, A (Imagery)
Step 5, B (Tone and Mood)
Step 5, C (Irony)
Step 5, D (Allusion)
Step 5, E (Personification)
Step 5, F (Symbolism)
Step 5, G (Foreshadowing)

Step 6 (Write your Conclusion)
Step 7 (Rough Draft Checklist)


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@clairesedoyle Thanks for sharing those codes! I was actually clicking on your “Advertisement Analysis Folder” and noticed that one leads to an error page on Regarding the Formative folder link, that does seem odd since I am able to share and access other folders. I’m following up with you over private messaging about this!