Using Formative to scaffold a formal paper?

Yikes! So sorry that the code didn’t work! Try this:

& Let’s be honest…we are ALL intervention specialists! :slight_smile:

I’m open to anything! Woo!

Sooooo pumped at your enthusiasm!!! :raised_hands:


Wow, Pam, that is such a cool Formative! Thanks!

I see what you mean about it being easy to update, too. I bet I could do something similar for vocabulary practice…

What fun!


This is such an amazing post @clairesedoyle…it is really everything our community is all about. All of the collaboration and amazing sharing amongst educators!!! I love it. I gave you and this thread a shout out on Facebook today too :smile: Thank you all for making our days brighter here at Formative :sunny:



Hi, @Lisa_Scumpieru, @dentlerp, @david, and @nicole,

Here’s the link to all my finished and revised paper-writing Formatives. Thanks to all of you for the help!

Ad Paper

Now we’ll see how the kids react…



When I click this link it makes an empty folder called Ad Paper. Does anyone else have any problems with the link? This sounds like a great resource!

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Yes, the link is taking me to an empty folder as well! @clairesedoyle , do you know why the link might leading there? I remember before I was able to view your Ad Paper resources :slight_smile:

Hi, @david and @sbird! I can’t get the folder sharing links to work either. Is that a bug? Here are the Formatives. Will you let me know if you can clone them, Sean?

Steps 1 & 2 (Background Information)
Step 3 (Write your thesis)
Step 4 (Write your introduction)

Step 5, A (Imagery)
Step 5, B (Tone and Mood)
Step 5, C (Irony)
Step 5, D (Allusion)
Step 5, E (Personification)
Step 5, F (Symbolism)
Step 5, G (Foreshadowing)

Step 6 (Write your Conclusion)
Step 7 (Rough Draft Checklist)


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@clairesedoyle Thanks for sharing those codes! I was actually clicking on your “Advertisement Analysis Folder” and noticed that one leads to an error page on Regarding the Formative folder link, that does seem odd since I am able to share and access other folders. I’m following up with you over private messaging about this!