Using Formative To Teach Any Language

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Hola, todos!

Monday, January 29th 3pm PST/6pm EST, @david and I will host a Virtual Learning Session to share ideas and strategies for using Formative in your language classroom!

I plan to share a few strategies outside of the ‘usual’ (yet incredibly useful and convenient) auto-graded multiple choice and fill-in questioning techniques as I have used them and continue to use them daily in my own Spanish classes. I will provide clone codes for anyone who would be interested in tweaking these resources for use in his/her own language class…no need to reinvent the wheel! (…Isn’t the power of this community just AWESOME!?)

I’m hoping we’ll have time to bounce some ideas off one another and maybe even do a little brainstorming on topics/skills that you bring to the table!

I guarantee this session will ignite a new :fire: for #formative in any language teacher!

You in!?
See you there:Monday, January 29th 3pm PST/6pm EST
Here’s the link to tune in and/or catch it later:

Hasta pronto!


…I promise this is NOT just for Spanish teachers! :upside_down_face::+1:


@WorldLanguages_Eds & @ELA_Educators

Make sure to tune into Pam’s webinar on Monday! Trust me, you aren’t going to want to miss the strategies she has to share. I’ve seen them and they are brilliant!


Hey everyone! Just a reminder that this is happening today! Feel free to watch directly from youtube using the link that @dentlerp posted above or watching below:

@WorldLanguages_Eds @ELA_Educators


@dentlerp I love your idea of letting the students draw according to a comprehension text. Really nice! I’m going to try that out very soon with my students.


Thank you so much for sharing your video. I am looking forward to using Formative more in my classroom!

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Thank you! I teach at an immersion school, so this is very helpful!


No problem! I was just happy to help @dentlerp show off all the awesome ways she’s assessing students with Formative!


Thank you for sharing. The comp. text is useful.


Thanks for sharing this webinar. I’m a huge fan of online learning. Thumps up guys