Using GClassroom and Formative for PL session

I’m planning to deliver a PL session to my colleagues on Becoming a Google Certified Educator. The session will involve some tasks that they will perform and formative assessment questions, so GoFormative is the perfect platform for me to use to help facilitate the session.

With that as the backdrop, I have a few logistical questions…
I will be creating a Google Classroom to manage the materials/resources and participants will join using their school accounts. Can I then import them from that GClassroom in Formative the same way I do for my students? or will that forever make them “students” in Formative?

I know that I can have them participate as a guest, but is that necessary? or can they be both a student and a teacher?


Hi @robyn.porter! :wave:

You cannot have a teacher and a student account in Formative with the same email address. So for PL / PD, we usually recommend that you have people participate as guests.

I hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @rebecca! That’s what I thought. I had my PL session and it was no trouble at all to have them use the guest link. For some reason, I thought it would cause a problem for those few teachers who were already Formative users.

I always use the same email.