Using GoFormative For Mandarin learning?

I am new to GoFormative and can’t wait to start it with students in the new semester. I see lots of Spanish teachers who successfully use this tool to assess reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar. Are there Mandarin teachers here who also use GoFormative? How do you use it?

Another question that I have is how do world language teachers use the “Whiteboard” and “Show your work” function?

Look forward to any response!


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Hey Alison! I haven’t taught Mandarin in the past, but was a student of it for 6 years and have also taught Spanish. One way I could imagine using Formative is for helping students practice their reading skills. You can use Google translate to generate Chinese characters and then simply copy and paste it into Formative. You could include it as part of question text and have students translate sentences into English. You could also include it as part of answer choices so students are practicing with “responding” in Mandarin as well. Regarding the “Whiteboard” feature, I could imagine drawing Chinese characters and then having students identify them or replicate them on their own Show Your Work canvas.

It’d be great to hear what you think of these ideas and I definitely encourage other @WorldLanguages_Eds to share their ideas as well. I think there are some great ideas that work for multiple languages!

Hi Allison:

I use Formative for grammar practices, reading comrehension, and character writing (when students have access to ipads).

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