Using mouse to score questions

I would like to be able to click on other levels of knowlege besides 0,1 and 2 on a 2 point problem.

While I can type in a 1.5, it is faster for me if I just use the mouse.


I would scale everything up by 10 (or what ever factor you want). My 2 point problem would really be 20 points.Then I could give a score of 15 if I wanted 1.5 points… no typing! Just make sure you do ALL your problems with the same scale factor if you plan to use percentages for grades in grade books.

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Great idea! Now I just have to remind myself where to go in Formative in order to do this. Normally I’ve not done much with tweaking points per question and things of that nature.

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Hey Eric,

Just open your Formative under the ‘edit’ tab. Scroll through your problems and change the number of points in the upper right hand corner (see red circle below). Just click on the number and edit. :slight_smile: