Video/Screencast walkthrough topics

I’m in the middle of trying out some screencasting stuff as preparation for next year, and am happy to tinker on things that will actually be useful to people rather than just mucking around.

So … is there anything that you think a video walkthrough would be handy for (that David or one of the #formativefam awesome educators hasn’t already done :stuck_out_tongue:)? If I know how to do it, or can work it out, I’ll give a video a go!


@kallgood this is such an awesome offer! One thing I’d love to see is a nice overall general “What is GoFormative” video that other educators could use when presenting to others or even writing blogs. :smiley:


Building off @Jill_Nyahay 's idea, it would be cool to see you interview colleagues and perhaps students about what they think of Formative and how they use it in their classrooms. I could see that being really powerful for others to share in their own training sessions! I’d be more than happy to brainstorm some questions with you if you are interested! :grinning:


Fire away - happy to grab questions from anyone - what do you need answered by teachers from other schools to convince teachers at your school to join the #formativefam? I’m sure some of my students would also be happy to share their opinions (they’ve never held back before :laughing:), especially as they wouldn’t have to be on screen (privacy and cybersafety ftw).


that’s encouraging . i need help with creating questions for my workshop in Dubai and good ideas to share