Videos and questions

I may be missing something obvious, but is there a way to get a video and the questions to a video side by side? If I upload a reading I can click on the reading and the questions are right next to that reading. I can’t do that with a video. If I add a video the questions go under it… or I can add the video in the questions… but either way they students have to scroll past the video to see and answer the questions if there are a couple.

I believe they just added the feature of reading on one side and scrolling questions on the other. I wonder if uploading a PDF with the video in it would work.

If not, try ‘clipping’ the long video into smaller sections and posting them separately, with a question (or two) specific to that clip right underneath. YouTube allows you to start/stop at specific times. Google allows for starting a specific time, but I’m not sure if they’ve perfecting stopping at a certain time.