View Responses Page Optimizations

There should be an option to force submit all students in a class for each assignment as long as they logged into it. Some of my students are still confused about what they are seeing when it comes to the status of their assignments. A good portion of them do not understand that they do have 90% for the assignment only for what questions they have attempted. Maybe it could be made clearer to them that their work is incomplete.

I am still wondering if this could be added to Formative. To be clear I am asking for one button to force submit all unsubmitted responses for all students at once per assignment. Also it would save even more time we could select more than than one response from this screen:

to quickly score several questions at once. This screen could be even more productive if we had more options that we could utilize without leaving to another page.


Glad you posted it. There are lots of us who want the same feature. The more of us that mention it in a post, the more likely it will be moved up the ‘to-do’ list. :slight_smile: