Way to annotate text using formative

Hi Everyone!

I am searching for a way for my students to annotate excerpts from a novel we are reading as a class using formative. Is there a particular question type anyone recommends me using? I would like the students to be able to write/draw any notes directly on the excerpts.

As of right now, I am leaning towards either “Enhance a PDF/Doc” or the “Show Your Work” question type.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :grinning:


Hi @Dean_Ward we use the “show your work” option and insert the text to be annotated as the background image. We asked a while back if it was ever going to be possible to do this directly with a doc or pdf. I hope this is still in the works.


@JoeMarquez70, Thanks so much for the tip! I was trying a show your work question type, but I couldn’t get the text snippet I am using to fit. Have you ever had this problem? Know a workaround, or anything you can suggest I try to make the text fit?

@Dean_Ward You should be able to resize the text snippit in the show your work box. If not you can adjust the size of the text image in an editor and change the size of the image there to fit better.

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