Way to Consolidate Guest Student with Existing Student Account

I had a student accidentally forget they had an account and took the exam under a guest account. Is there a way to add this exam result to their actual account? If not, how do I have this student see their score on the guest account?

Thank you in advance.

There currently isn’t a way to merge a guest and student account. If the student is no longer logged in, you could try contacting support@goformative.com with the url of the formative and the student name to see if they have any suggestions.

I have the same questions. First time user here! I made a formative and then did not realize students had choices on how to enter (Clever, Google or as Guest) So, many of my students entered as a guest.
I wonder if on the next formative, they can choose AGAIN , this time to Google so I can see them and sync it to Google Classroom. (my district does not have Formative set up to link to Clever yet)
I wonder also if I get my district to sync to Clever, will I have to make the students do anything to link themselves?

My question is where do those even go? I want to see them so that I can grade them and give them feedback, but it doesn’t show up on my dashboard, even though it is my Formative. They have sent me pictures of their screens, so I know they did it!

Can we suggest this to be added as a feature? I have a chunk of students who logged in to take tests as guests (for some reason, even though I synced it to Google Classroom), they are not able to log in to their classes here. Those students took their tests as Guests, but I would like to move them into their classes.

Hi @Ann_Fitz, yes definitely! The product team has recently added a roadmap with product feedback and requests. If you add your request as a feature and it gets voted up there’s is a decent chance it will get added to our roadmap


I’d love to be ableto merge students. Mine keep forgetting their account details and just logging in as a guest or using parent/sibling email addresses! I’ve only 24 students in real life but 34 in my Formative class!!

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