Weekly speaking tests

Good Morning!

I am working on setting up my weekly speaking tests. The space in my room is limited, and students sit very close to one another.

I am looking for any suggestions on ways I can effectively set up my classroom environment and/or structure the flow of my speaking tests. I have considered purchasing headphones and privacy boards to help eliminate background noises and distractions, but I would love to hear any other suggestions or recommendations!



So Jasper:
I had my German students use Vocaroo a lot to record responses. It is Web-based and they would submit a link into the Formative.

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Thanks David! Were your students able to record next to one another? Did you have to do anything to ensure they were able to focus and there wasn’t too much ambient noise in the recordings?

Headphones is the best solution for that… otherwise they staggered their responses.


I can’t believe I didn’t think about that! Thanks David!

Hi Jasper,

I understand your concerns. Very few teachers think of planning speaking lessons because of what you mentioned. I’m not trying to discourage you and I suggest you ask your students to use their phones to take the test. I hope that would help.



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There are several inexpensive sets of earbuds on the market now that have built in microphones that pick up close-range voices very well. Plus, they would be easy to store… or even better, the students could carry their own sets of earbuds to and from class.

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Hi Jasper:

Is it an option to have students go out of your classroom? I am fortunate enough to be at the end of the building, next to a staff parking lot, so I would ask my students to go out and scatter around when they make recordings.

I also use other options as suggested by the other teachers like using microphones and students’ smartphones.

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