We're updating the Editor! Any Feedback?

Hi educators!

Research shows that some users find the process of creating Formatives for the first time confusing. We’ve redesigned some aspects of the Editor to make creating questions and items more intuitive.

Please open this link and click “add an item” to get a look and feel: bit.ly/2PEaTZj

Looking forward to your feedback!

George V
Product Manager

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For me this is less intuitive. The double click to add content (open the editor, then click on content) effectively hides the content that can be added. Switching them around would effectively create the same issue with the “question types” being hidden. I know that it is a matter of paying attention, but the less clicks the better.
Also, as it currently stands, the colors help identify which is which. In the proposed one, while it looks “cool”, having them both black forces you to “read”. Even the small icons that represent each are clearer in the “old” version (especially the numeric and multiple-choice, which IMO are switched in this newer version).

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Thanks for your feedback Mariana. Those are some really great points! We are finding that MANY people do not even end up clicking to add an item or choosing an item type. Do you have any insights into why that might be?

My thinking was we should better identify the available actions by adding text (ie. + Add an item, and have tabs for Questions and Content types). Perhaps the “Want it all?” Premium Banner is also a little jarring.

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Perhaps it has to do with the “hiddenness” of the +

The fact that it is gray does not help; we have been taught that grey means the option is not available.

I would leave the actual add item as they are since they are very obvious once people actually click on the +.

However, instead of having that small grey plus, perhaps make it a tad bigger, and change the color to blue (since we know that blue means clickable). The hovering could read “add an item”, as you mention. This is an instance when a clean look (which you would get with the tabs) may actually make it more difficult for people to know what to do.

I do not have/see the premium banner so don’t know what that looks like.


Another thing to perhaps work on would be that once you click on the add it does not “go away” unless you 1. add somethong or 2. navigate away from editing the formative . For someone unfamiliar, who is perhaps trying things out, clicking that and then having it stay open gives you a sense of “now what?”

For me, it would be more user friendly if I could close that screen by simply clicking outside of it.


IMHO, I agree with @mgarcia that this feels less intuitive, particularly about the colors.

The new icons are not good. Numeric and multiple-choice icons seem to be swapped from each other (not to mention misspelled). Embed makes sense with the HTML <> tags, but I had no idea what the icon here is showing me. It looks like you’re trying to wrap text around an image, which is not what embedding content is… The centering on the Essay question type is off-putting… How about a first paragraph indent and the full justification for the rest of the lines, like essays actually look like? Graphing looks nothing like a graph… I’m just plain confused by these choices!

What’s more, I want to have all the options available to me ASAP, without having to click between content or questions. 90% of the the Formatives that I create are uploads of content that I’ve collaborated on with my team to create a DOC or PDF that I can print, then we create the Formative for it. If I want to add an audio introduction or a video lesson to precede it, I don’t want to have to keep clicking around. Less is more.

I do like that the new option’s + is actually labeled as “add an item”, but the text is a bit far from the icon, it feels like…

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@jenny.santiano @mgarcia Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. I am glad you find that the “add item” label makes things more clear. As for the questions and the content inside the pop up, we will leave that as is or find a way to make all the options available in less clicks (without changing the icons). Happy holidays!