Westward Expansion Formatives?

Hi everyone! I am about to begin my unit on the Westward Expansion. I am wondering if anyone has created any Formatives I can use to go along with my unit. I look forward to any and all responses :slight_smile:




Happy Sunday!

I realize that you are already likely well through your unit on Westward expansion but thought I would share an EDpuzzle I came across that you might be able to incorporate somehow: https://edpuzzle.com/media/5547d382ce3f14d40fb422be

Additionally, here is a great text-set from the folks over at Newsela entitled “Westward Expansion & Manifest Destiny” that you might be able to incorporate: https://newsela.com/text-sets/146569/ss-westward-expansion

Can’t take credit for creating either, but hope they help.



Hi @Andrew_MacLean! Thank you so much! You do not know how appreciative I am! I need to use EDpuzzle more! I LOVE Newsela! Now that I can hyperlink, I will have to add this to my lesson for next year! I really appreciate you taking the time out to share these resources with me!

Thanks again! :smile:


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@Corrine_Taylor While I don’t have any Formatives, check out Commonlit.org! They have fiction and nonfiction for several subject areas. A quick search of “Westward Expansion” pulled up eight texts, six of which look like they might be of use to you. Commonlit if free, works with Google Classroom, and assigns questions to all of its stories. You can do guided reading during and/or summative assessments after the text.

If these stories work for you, it would be easy to create a “hyperdoc” unit out of a formative :):grinning:

Good luck to you!


@tbland Thank you so much for passing this info along!! I got on and did the same search, you are right…they are all useful!!! I will have the best Westward Expansion activities around :smile: Thanks again for taking the time to get this info to me!!