What are some of the biggest, positive changes you've seen in assessment since you were a student? How have you made them a part of your classroom? Have you added your own twists?

Yesterday, we had a great #formativechat where we invited educators to share their experiences with assessment (as students) and their ideas for innovating it (as educators). We’d love to continue the conversation here! Q1 is below :slight_smile: We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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Shout-out to our guest host, Rodney Turner!

Some of the more significant changes that I have seen since I was a student is the formatting of questions. Know students are given the opportunities to extend their learning and thinking, rather than just choosing the correct answer. I like to make sure that my assessments are also provided at different ability ranges so that all students are successful.

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It has been over 40 years since I was in high school- YIKES! Assessments have certainly changed. We have many more than we used to. It seems like we assess constantly in a formal manner and informally as well. In some ways this is good, others drain the students.

The inclusion of technology has broadened how we access and allows for more creativity in the style and type of assessment. Our questioning skills are stronger and we are focused on differentiation across the board. The rigor of many tests has increased.

I used to be the teacher that gave multiple choice tests using scantrons. I now alter the type of assessments I use from instant feedback MC from zip grade to the huge variety of ways to assess in formative :slight_smile: to using google classroom/forms and hyperdocs.

I find that I am challenging myself as well as my students. We are all learning more about technology and stretching our minds to new ways to share, learn, and present information and knowledge.


I think one of the biggest changes that I have noticed is that assessments should be formative and students should be given opportunities to make corrections/improvements. I never really remember having the opportunity to go back to learn from my mistakes on an assessment.

In my classroom, I spend a lot of time teaching and training students to learn from their mistakes. As second graders, students know that it becomes part of their responsibility to be accountable for their learning. Formative has been a helpful tool this year especially. I will often times have the scores returned immediately to students after they submit and students know to look over their work and figure out mistakes before showing me there work. I have been able to have some really meaningful conversations about a growth mindset and learning from our mistakes. #gamechanger


One of the biggest changes I’ve seen in assessments is the immediate feedback. Students can receive feedback instantly where it used to take at least a day or more for teachers to grade our papers. Formative has helped me provide immediate feedback to my students so they can correct errors before they become true mistakes or habits of learning.


Great point, Sarah! I’ve also noticed a shift from educators using just one question type to a variety. I believe that tech has made this more feasible partly because it makes it easier to view responses, score them, and provide feedback. What variety of Formative question types do you use?

I use a bunch of different formative questions and platforms. I like providing student choice with this piece to be able to extend their thinking in their best way possible. Verbal response, show your work, typing, project based. The more flexible we become with assessment and how best to see student results might be best for both parties.

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I think this is a great mindset for approaching assessment in general. It’s important for us to continue to innovate our teaching practices as students develop their skills as learners. I applaud you for continuing to innovate your practices with technology and seize its potential. It’s so great to hear that the needs of your students is at the center of all this awesomeness :raised_hands:

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