What do you think about this goForm?

Here is a project I’ve modified to use in formative about exponential growth (retirement).

It is the opening idea if the logarithm/exponentials chapter.





I’m not sure why, but when I use the clone code for this it’s asking me to join as a guest,meaning that I can’t see your answer key. I like the integration of the online calculator for students to figure out what the end value is. They might need a little more guidance at the end for reflection than “do a Google search”, though. Maybe some suggestions of websites they might use if they’re stuck… Great real-world application!


There is no answer key for the reflection questions. The goal is for then to type up their thoughts and then have a class discussion.

The only Google searches they are doing are for starting salary, age the average person retires and money needed to retire.

I’ll put on some more words so that sounds less reflective and more as a search.