What is your favorite feature?

I am preparing to present a PD on GoFormative to our district math teachers and would love to know, if you were new to Formative what is the one thing you would love to have known before jumping in fully (with the basic version as not all of our teachers will have full access yet)?

Real time answers are my favorite. I love that I can catch any student that misunderstood the directions before they get too far into the assignment. It really helps them. KIds can get discouraged if they do a whole assignment wrong.
The ease of grading is amazing. See all of their answers on one screen.
Autograding for students. Students want to get the right answer and will work to try to get it. They will eventually ask for help if they can’t figure it out.


I remember the first time using it I didn’t instantly “get” the enhance a .pdf/doc feature. It’s such a potential huge time saver.

Also, it took me some time to figure out but the share score instantly feature with the green/red dot has been incredibly valuable. Best way I’ve found to try to give instant feedback.

Hi Christin! it’s so hard to limit it to one thing…so…I gave you my top 3 list of things I discovered or realized once I started using GoFormative:

  1. After using Seesaw with much frustration, it helped me to understand that I needed to provide a “How-to-use-tools” for the students (and myself). Each time I have a lesson, I put a few practice problems from their math books for the students to demonstrate that they understand how to solve, but it also prevents any chance of students saying they didn’t know how to use the tools during an assessment. (By the way, in the GoFormative “library,” plenty of people have made Practice or how-to’s for your students to try. You can take it as is or save and modify to your needs.)
  2. GoFormative has the “tools” and the capability to make ALL different types of math symbols and characters. You just have the hover and block what you want and the choices will pop up. (For ex. making a fraction, etc.)
  3. I bought the premium version because I wanted to use the timer. Unless all of your students have great and reliable internet access, I don’t recommend using the time slots (for example putting in that your students can only take the quiz from 9:30 -10:00 am.) I’ve had some students who has computer issues and lost connection. It’s better to give a time limit of 30 minutes from the time that they start taking the assessment.
    Good luck with your PD,
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Christina, the feature I would focus on first (after showing them how to use the math symbols editor) would be the ability to get full-class feedback immediately. They can have students answer questions like
What is the next step in this problem? (MC or draw it)
How well do you tink you understand this? (poll), etc.

Feedback from students is immediate, and can help the teacher know whether to move on or reteach, or to indentify students who need help (classic formative assessment).


I agree with everyone’s posts! I just want to add that the ability to message a student and a student to ask for help (or to grade please) within a question is huge. A student can work at anytime of day and ask a question that I can get to whenever. Also, a great way to differentiate as you can chat to one student online during an assignment and others won’t see or know. During class work time, if I want directions to go to everyone, I might post in the zoom chat, but to one or two kids on a problem, on the goformative problem chat.

Also, test corrections are pretty easy. Strict settings and a time limit for initial test. Change setting and take off time limit for corrections. Just make sure that you have the original scores recorded!


Show your work and now, the new feature that accesses the camera through a show your work page.

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Hi Christin,

I agree with all the highlighted features and would like to add the following;

  • The ability to embed Desmos, Geogebra and PhET simulations is very useful

  • You can provide feedback orally using the record feature and also have students record their explanation when needed.

  • You can tag standards so it becomes easier to monitor progress with specific outcomes.

Good luck,


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