What kinds of questions can you ask during class discussions to both engage students and inform your instruction?

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Here’s Q2 from our #formativechat on Monday! We’d love to hear what kinds of questions you ask during class discussions to both engage students and inform your teaching!


Using open ended questions that provide a number of ways students can provide indicators that they understand the outcome are important. Love that a tool like formative can collect this data easily and provide opportunities for timely feedback and share a variety of learning attempts effectively. The data from a variety of questions allows for more direct, varied, and focused instruction.


Agreed! While close-ended question can potentially give you useful information, open-ended ones allow you to dig deeper into what individual students are thinking. I love the idea of thinking ahead when creating a Formative assignment and utilizing a variety of question types. Since you can project the responses and allow students to discuss them, this sets the stage for a great discussion!


Using questions that make students draw on pre-existing knowledge and key concepts would let the educator know if students can make connections and understood the content. For example, Asking students to explain the cause of a particular event or why something in particular happened is an awesome question strategy. But then while that student is speaking stop them abruptly and have another student pick up where he/she left off.


Great strategy! To add on, it’s important to ensure that students are making personal connections with the content and finding ways to apply it continuously so that they are able to draw from that prior knowledge when necessary.

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I generally ask kids to either put themselves into the position of someone else. I also ask them to argue in favor of a position that one would think people are obviously against.

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