What you can do with a Formative

I am very excited to share my newest version of “an amazing Formative within a Formative” with you, due to some outstanding updates from Formative itself.

Use it to explore what you can do with a Formative or for presenting Formative to an audience:

Science, languages and math examples are included as well as some fun stuff. Something for everybody inside :smiley:.

I would like to thank @msashlylcot, @nicole, @mvoltz, @david and @d.vendramin for some great implementation ideas! Together we make things better.


Awesome! Great ideas / tips. I’m definitely going update my Formative with some of your ideas. Thank you so much!


Thanks for the shout-out Michael. I love all the embeddable learning resources you’ve added! A couple tools other tools that you can add to your toolkit include TinkerCAD for STEM education and Speakpipe for voice recordings.

In case you are interested, @Andrew_Maclean shared an example of the former in his Tips & Tricks session with Nicole and @dentlerp shared this amazing example of the latter, in her webinar as well!

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Thank you so much for this! I loved how you showed graphing. My 8th graders are just about ready to start solving systems of linear equations. I am super excited to try this!


Thanks, Michael. Just discovered edpuzzle - and will definitely integrate it in my next formatives.


Thank you for this overview on how to use all aspects of Go-Formative. I found myself relying on the typical responses - multiple choice, short answer and true/false. I am excited to use the catagories, resequenceing and adding a video. My mind id swimming with the possibilities!


Now available in the Library! select: “grade: other” and “subject: other”.