When reusing old formatives answers still there

Don’t know if this was a glitch or an expected behavior (just not expected by me)…
I have students that I loop (i.e. I see them for more than one year), and I have several BOY formatives that I simply reuse that serve as reminders of rules, expectations, procedures, etc. These formatives were closed and unassigned to last year’s groups and those groups were deleted (as I normally do to start the new year). I created my new classes and subsequently posted those BOY formatives for them to complete. When I assigned them, their answers from before as well as totals/grading was, as I expected, cleared.
However, and this is the crux of the matter, when they went in to complete them, their old responses and my feedback were still there. Some hilarity ensued in the form of “If last year I told you that your answer was incomplete or to improve your answer by providing evidence, you better do that this time around…”
For the second round, I ended up creating clones and assigning them, but I wonder what should I have done to avoid this in the first place? At first glance, all previous answers appeared cleared in the totals view.
It seems that this is something that has been asked previously - Reusing Formatives From Last Year and though the answer at that time was to clear individual responses, I would not have known to do that since in my view no responses showed until the students went in to answer this time around.

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Interesting. One would think that if you cleared and deleted the groups and then recreated the class that their previous responses would hopefully clear as well. It might be nice if there was a feature to clear responses from formatives that have been previously used.

This happened to me as well, but I was able to go in and delete the students’ initial responses. Then they were able to start as if it were new.