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Thanks for the additional feedback. While I don’t think there is an individual setting to enable this, we can definitely look into adding it!

I’ve been waiting until I got my official Formative Certified Educator status in order to invite my colleague to the Formative Community. However, I can only invite people within the community to join a discussion. When I searched for how to invite others to the Community, it says’ it’s been Closed and merged with a Part 3 Challenge. Upon clicking that link, it says I don’t have access. I already have my co-teacher using Formative in her classroom. I really think she would LOVE this community and I’d like to start tagging her in various discussions that would benefit the ‘off’ semester class we will be teaching at the start of school.


Thanks for inquiring about this, @tricia.mintner and congrats on your new certification! I am glad to hear that you want to invite others to our community! The topic you are trying to access was for our Pioneer group and is actually outdated now. You used to be able to use an invite option to send someone an email to join the community, but we now have people login with their Formative account (for security purposes & also to prevent people from creating duplicate accounts) so that option no longer appears.

But worry not! If you would like to invite someone who does not have a Formative account to check out a topic, you can click on the share option either next to a post or at the bottom of a topic and then use the options shown to get them there:

If you’d like to invite people to join the community, you can simply tell them to visit discuss.goformative.com and then click on the button in the top right of their screen to login with their Formative account or to create a Formative account (if they don’t have one). Please note if they do not have a Formative account, they will simply need to navigate back to discuss.goformative.com after creating one…in order to continue exploring the community:

An alternative option for having someone create a Formative account to access the community is to have them sign up for a Formative account at goformative.com and then access the community right from their dashboard. They will then be automatically logged into the community based on their new Formative account:

Let me know if any of these options are unclear or if we can further streamline things!


Hi Emily! I’m HS math too ~would love to connect! I’m teaching various levels of Alg1, Geo, Alg2 and Precalc next year. (eek!). How about you?
Michelle :blush:


I have a new tip for engaging in discussions! If you click on the title of a topic after clicking into it, it’ll send you to the top (the initial post)! I find this is helpful for gaining additional context about the topic!


I really like this and did not know about it before. Sometimes I come in late into a conversation and it is so useful to quickly go back to the top of it and see what has been posted/shared. Thanks for the tip.


This is off - topic, but I can’t seem to find out how to start a new topic?
The overview page “does not exist”???
Sorry about posting here – I am a math teacher, but…
this may be an obvious thing I’m missing, but if so, it needs to be obvious-er! ;D:sunglasses:


Hey @nancy.hoorn ,

Great question! We moved it to this “Where Do I Start” topic to help others find it later! To create a new topic, you can select the “+ New Topic” button in the top right of the screen:

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Also, I am looking into why the “Overview” button is broken. For now, you can view the overview here :slight_smile:

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I received a notification that my trust level has increased! When I clicked on the link to explain trust level, it sent me to the Discourse website. There, it told me that my trust level would be visible on my profile page. I don’t see it. Should I be looking in a different place?

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Hey Amanda,

I moved your post to this topic since this is where we discuss questions about getting started in the community! Your trust level shows up at the top of your profile:


Trust levels are something that Discourse provides as a default setting to prevent spam. We don’t explicitly use them for much beyond that!

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