Where does literacy (reading, writing, speaking, listening) fit into your day?

Something that I’ve always loved about our community is how much we’ve learned from one another because we have different experiences/expertise as opposed to in spite of them. Last night’s #formativechat reminded me of this as we discussed different ways to assess literacy across content areas.

We would love to continue the conversation and hear your thoughts on the question below. Where does literacy fit into your day? How do you teach literacy in your classroom? How do you help your students develop the communication skills that they’ll need to continue learning throughout their lives? Please share by replying below and let’s learn from one another!


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Literacy fits into my entire day - I’m a Language Arts teacher :slight_smile: In our middle school, all of the teachers incorporate the Seven Magnificent Reading Strategies in their courses so we have a common language for literacy skills. Our students work with the Seven Magnificent Reading Strategies all day long so it is not a thing only done in Language Arts - it is done in history, science, math, art, and music. This has helped our students to understand that reading strategies are used in every class and used everywhere. We as a team have worked hard to implement this, and now it is just part of every lesson for everyone. It is also nice that we all do it because a student may not understand the reading from one teacher, but another teacher may explain it/demonstrate it slightly different with different content and the student gets it then.
I could write a book on this! I am very passionate about it! (Again - Language Arts teacher!! :smile:)


That’s awesome that you and your colleagues use the same system across the board! I love the point you make about students being able to learn about the same strategies from different teachers and thus having different opportunities to develop them.

Do you know of any online resources that are good for learning about the Seven Magnificent Reading Strategies? If so, could you share the links? :slight_smile:

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Here is what we use. I don’t have any online resources that I specifically use. We just took a bit of something here and a bit of something there :slight_smile: I would be happy to help anyone who would like to have more information.


This is great! Thanks so much for sharing. We have been looking to find something we can do across the board in our K12 program. I am going to look into this. Again, thanks for this great idea!


This is awesome. Thank you for sharing!!!


@skourtsounis We did a whole push and really got the entire MS team onboard with this. If you need more on how we did that, let me know.