Whiteboard Questions

My question is about what is the best use for whiteboard questions?

I have a similar question. I use it for students (show your work) to mark up a map we are studying, you could have students write editing marks on sentences, fill in a graphic organizer.

However, I don’t see the point from the “insert content-> whiteboard” point of view. I can’t interact with it, it’s just a picture, so I don’t see the point there. I was hoping I’d be able to project a map to them (for example) and annotate on it, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

I agree that its use is surprising limited for this app, but I have found one way that I use it–to collect class responses/notes in a place where the students can see it.

My favorite method: When I plan to have students work as a whole class to grade written responses, I’ll attach a “open criteria” rubric to a free response question and place a white board on the left hand side. The rubric has 1-3 criteria labeled “Criterion 1,” “Criterion 2,” etc. with preset levels (poor, fair, good/ does not meet standard,partially meets standard, meets standard, exceeds standard).

As a class we will decide what criteria #1-3 are and I’ll record it on the whiteboard tool. That way the kids can see on their screens what the standards are and use them to judge the whole class example and their own work.