Why do time stamps change?

I love that I can see when a student enters an answer.

I do not like that the time stamp changes when I accept the answer as correct.
Possible update: Two time stamps, original answer, teacher update.
Why: Because parents are on my case about not grading fast enough. The assignment in question was due 3/22, this student entered an answer on 5/17, and I am getting to grading late work (for full credit) this morning 5/31.
Also, it is nice that answers are marked “changed after grading” but it would be nice to see the original answer too. I guess a work around would be for me to put their original answer in the comment box when I grade it the first time through. But it would be a great update.


I agree. The original timestamp is really important to me, and having it change is a problem. I provide extra credit for quizzes turned in on time (with no penalty for late quizzes, to provide my adult learners flexibility).

The unexpected timestamp behavior is a real problem for me right now, and it used to behave differently (changed in mid- or late-April, looking at my spreadsheets of results). Is there a way we can change it back? Again, this is important to my grading scheme, and my grades are due in two weeks.

I also have to deliver summative assessments online, which I am also doing through Formative. Access to original timestamps would help me more easily find students who may be working together (cheating).


I noticed this, too. I thought it was great at first. It allowed me to mark students ‘present’ during virtual days… until I realized that I may have been giving credit for when I responded to their work. :confused: Oops. I like the idea of separate time stamps. :slight_smile:


The timestamp now shows when the student last answered the question (this only applies going forward). The timestamp of when the answer was last updated (graded by teacher or answered by student) is displayed for responses that were answered prior to today. You can also hover the timestamp to see how long ago it was answered. This timestamp is also displayed when viewing individual responses in the sidebar, not just when selecting the student.

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