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Hi! I would like to send results home of benchmarks and unit assessments. I would love to print out individual student report of a particular assessment showing points or percentage. Right now, printing is limited to printing out the entire test for that student but the grades are not on it. Most of my parents do not have access to internet at home so I print our results and send them home.



Thanks for the feedback, Ji! I think this is a great idea that we can definitely consider. I just recorded that you’d like to see this! I’d love to hear if others would find it useful to show the scores on a printed formative as well! @informed_members @Certified_Educators


The ability to print individual student results and feedback would be awesome.


I think that would be great to. I would also like to print of the "Totals’ page to put under document camera or make importing scores to the grade book easier.


Is it possible for you to project the live responses screen at the front of your classroom? Also, can you tell me more about how being able to print the Totals page would help you import scores to your grade book? Have you tried exporting the results? :slight_smile:

Hi David! I have used the print option to print a student’s formative and answers. I would suggest a couple of things. First an easier interface that offers multiple ways to get to the print option. Second, the ability to turn on and off the “answers.” Some students I want to correct their test by “tagging” for key words, etc. to help reinforce the skill of analyzing the test question and using context clues. Some kids need to see the answer and then do this.

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Hey Ray! Thanks for the feedback!

How would you improve the interface to make it easier to use. Where else would you like to see the print option?

I think this is a good idea. I’d love to hear if others would like to see this as an optional setting as well! Please reply if you would like to see this!

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I think this would be awesome! I was just talking with my teammate today that as much as we love GoFormative, it is hard to communicate assessment results with our families.

I would love to see a summary of the standard for each question and how the student did (correct or incorrect) then a total at the end - we don’t work a lot with percentages or “grades” in primary, so it would be nice to chose what score to record.


Thanks for the feedback, Chase! When you export a formative, you can see each students’ percentage for the formative, total score, points for each question, and the standards tagged for each question as well.

It sounds like you are still wanting these things to be on a print out on the student’s formative itself so you present it as a “package” to parents. Is that correct?

This is a great consideration!

Exactly! I like all of those options that I can download as and think it would be beneficial for sharing purposes as well!

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