Wishlist for updates/improvements in 2020

@robyn.porter thanks for the feedback, this was updated :slight_smile:
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So many great suggestions!

I am not sure if it is mentioned yet - I would love to see a total point count as you are creating an assignment.


You can just take a photo for the show your work problems. My students do it frequently on their iPads.

Please make it easier for students to login and access from their device. Currently I don’t think there is an apple app for Formative which can automatically logged students in and gave them access to their tasks. Currently, if I share the link to a formative with my students many are asked to login which requires a great deal of individual instruction repeatedly. Or if I have them access through Clever, it a series of many clicks/taps to get them where they need to be. This change would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I would like a way to see if the students are actively in Formative. Sometimes we have to go back and finish or redo things, and I can’t easily tell who is there.

Wishlist item: Allow a space for “Teacher Notes” during item creation where we can store suggested feedback, notes to collaborators, etc.


I wish there was some way to do simple mark-ups of documents (particularly pdfs) that are uploaded to enhance. I know we could add a text item to tell students to skip a question (or a part of a question) but it would be nice to just but an x or a line through it right on the document.

On a related note I especially agree with ekelley’s #2. It’s functional, but I wish we had more control over how the numbering of the questions works.

  1. Upload a mp3. I’m a French teacher who has previously recorded conversations for audio prompts.
  2. Make a close reading by uploading a text and clicking on words to create blanks (Wizer Me offers this).
  3. Trim video clips within the program.
  4. Way to mark Formatives as retakes.
  5. Section breaks (like pages)

I’d love to be able to write a question that has multiple answer blanks. (like a part A and part B).
For instance I might have one question that I want to see the repeated multiplication for exponents and the answer or one question that I want both the GCF and the LCM of the the set of numbers.


I would also like to see a “dot” multiplication symbol in the math keyboard, not just the ‘x’ times sign.


This is already possible if you take a picture and use the “enhance” option. Take a look at one that I’ve done:

  1. Extra credit…it would be so easy!
  2. Ability to give partial credit for multiple choice.
  3. Partial credit for multiple selection should be based on total selected or not selected because correctly not selecting a wrong choice is correct.

Wishlist item: Something that allows teachers to give individualized reports to students for any particular assignment. For example the Illuminate Education program has top notch reporting features including a report they call “Student Small Slips”. One such looks like the pic below (student PII was cropped out). I am able to print out and distribute individual reports for students, then go over “most missed” questions with the class.
When I give a summative assessment with GoFormative and make it hidden after submission, students are not able to tell how they did at all. A report like this would be nice to share with students so that I do not have to open it back up but can still give them some feedback.


The ability to un-submit a student (for the one who “accidentally” submitted on accident without finishing)


A interactive graph that you can plot ordered pairs on and draw a line (or parabola, or other type of function) not the graphing where the program graphs the lines for them.
I know you can make a background of a graph, but it’s not always easy to plot a point and draw the line or curve


Not sure if this is possible, but… I’d like an option for horizontal layout for multiple choice options to help avoid the issue pictured here:

Also, has anyone asked for an “undo” button yet? :eyes::grin:


I think it would be great to have a feature where instructors and/or students can easily download all of their responses to Formatives for a given timeframe to PDF or other doc format.

I give Extra Credit, but I grade by points not percentage correct. If I have an assignment that has a total of 20 points possible plus 5 extra credit, then I record 20 as the maximum possible points in my grade book. The extra credit points are reflected on the Formative Totals score as up to 25 points possible.


I really would appreciate the ability to ctrl + v images in the show your work rather than upload. I take screen snips of pieces of worksheets and it is so tedious and time consuming to have to save it to my computer and then upload it. It would be much more efficient, or be able to upload a pdf page to show your work please.


Please make this happen. Anything that saves time would make Formative even better.

Thank you for the December updates. One issue, though. Since links are automatically “linked” now, they disappear into the blue background in comments. I’m not sure if the students see it this way too, but here’s an example from my end. There is actually a link under the text: