Workaround to create a matching type question?

Hi Formative Community!

A fellow Formative educator reached out to me today asking, “What’s the best way to create a matching formative without it being multiple choice or multiple selection?” I told her I would ask our ultra creative and talented educators in our Formative Community…so here I am :smile:

Any suggestions or workarounds you can recommend to create a “matching” type formative question?

I look forward to your suggestions/recommendations!!


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You could categorize it and the students have to put words in groups, e.g.:


I agree with @michael.lutz in that you would simply adapt the categorise question option (so the coding is largely the same) with the exception that you have multiple categories matched with multiple words/pictures/sounds etc.


That is a fantastic suggestion @michael.lutz…and great minds think alike :wink: That was my first suggestion for the teacher!!

You rock…and that visual is perfect!!



Thanks @apeters! I appreciate the description too :smile:


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I’ve also used Short Answer and had the students type in the word/or corresponding letter that goes with a list of choices for matching.

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As a math teacher I’d like to be able to create a matching question where students have to match a table of values with its graph. I can’t figure out how to make that happen with formative. I don’t see how to copy an image into the category field.


Interesting! I could definitely see the ability to add images to the categories themselves…being helpful!